Friday, January 21, 2011

Math sickness

My favorite teaching moment this year happened when i was passing out math worksheets to a grade 5 class.

Grade 5 student: "Math! i'm allergic to math!"

Me:" if you were allergic to math you would have a doctor's note to get out of it."

- several minutes pass -

Students: " um, here, i have this for you"
- Student passes me note -

Note: "charles is allergic to math. Signed- the doctor"

Me: " How funny charles, I've never heard of any doctor names "the doctor".

- Charles takes back the note and returns seconds later. The note is now signed "Dr. Einstein"

Me: " Your doctor is doctor Einstein?"

Another kid in the class pipes up: "Dr. Einstein? uh yeah, he's my doctor too!"

Me: "Charles, do your math"

I thought that was the end of it but later when i went to my desk I saw another note.

Note: " Charles is allergic to french as well"

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