Monday, May 30, 2011

Do you hear what I hear?

The other day I was reading my students a story when I heard music from somewhere close by.
Turns out, one of them had a blues emergency and was playing the harmonica in our class bathroom.

The Magician

Tattling is a popular pastime in grade school.
We have caterpillars in our classroom and I had a student tattle a rather serious offense the other day. I was told that a boy in the class had somehow got a hold of a caterpillar and was holding him where we usually read our books.

All the clues added up: The boy had been a sort of assistant when i was transferring the last of the caterpillars, he is sneaky sometimes, he LOVEs critters and a group of students were gathered around him looking at something in his hands...

So I marched up to him and asked him straight up if he had a caterpillar. Then came the astonishing moment for when the boy slowwwwwly opened his hands... there i saw it... he had magically turned his caterpillar into .......a pencil lead.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


We have a problem in my grade one classroom.


Kids love them. They love watching them, squishing them, letting them run all over their hands ...the sad thing is they love them more than math, more than writing, more than reading and more than listening to anything I have to say. This morning I had this conversation with one of these Ant lovers.

Little girl: There's ants marching all over our classroom!

Me: I wish they'd march somewhere else.

Little girl: Yeah, like Newfoundland.

Lastly, I named this post Thorax because I wanted some sort of ant related term. Looks like I actually remember something from elementary other than the bat jokes I put on my grade three animal project.