Monday, May 30, 2011

The Magician

Tattling is a popular pastime in grade school.
We have caterpillars in our classroom and I had a student tattle a rather serious offense the other day. I was told that a boy in the class had somehow got a hold of a caterpillar and was holding him where we usually read our books.

All the clues added up: The boy had been a sort of assistant when i was transferring the last of the caterpillars, he is sneaky sometimes, he LOVEs critters and a group of students were gathered around him looking at something in his hands...

So I marched up to him and asked him straight up if he had a caterpillar. Then came the astonishing moment for when the boy slowwwwwly opened his hands... there i saw it... he had magically turned his caterpillar into .......a pencil lead.

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