Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Catch ream ahhhhh who this entry is for

A certain someone who is home a lot wants me to update this more AND since I love her I will. Get ready for a a DOUBLE ENTRY!

1) I was in the office of a school yesterday and a little boy came in all rattled. Usually children are sent to the office because they are bad so the acting vice principle asked him why he was there. it went like this...

Vice principle: Why are you in here?

Boy: Our class was being noisy and our teacher yelled at us really loud and now my throat hurts.

Vice Principle: So WHY are you here?

Boy: Our class was being noisy and our teacher yelled at us really loud but I was being good and now my throat hurts.

Vice princple and I make eyes at each other this boy really here to tell on his teacher?

Vice principle: Go back to class.

Tip for children trying to tell on their teachers: say your EARS hurt for a teacher yelling not your throat....that just doesn't make sence.

2. I was walking down a school hallway today and a middle aged lady was sitting with two kids.

The kids were talking to her about somthing and she said " I'm really not feeling that well for that today" and then I here a little boy say in a VERY excitted voice " I know what will make you feel better......(dramatic pause)..... A SONG!"

For some reason I thought that was really cute. In reality what would have made that lady feel beter was if her kids were at a babysitters and she was doing anything else.

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  1. Yay for friends who make you blog :) I was going to msg you today to do it. haha