Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A tape deck is the only deck you can't suntan on.

It is well known that I will stop a conversation just so I can write something someone said down. NO, these are not thoughtful words of wisdom or things that will change my life but they kind of inspire me and make me think. I have a few roommates and one of them came up to me today while I was putting curlers in my hair in my room. When he saw this was going on he stated " I understand why girls put curlers in their hair I just don't understand why they take them out " . This same roommate went on to then ask me if I had a "boom box" or if any of our roommates had a "boom box" , to which I answered "no". He then looked disappointed and sadly went back down to the first floor. A few minutes later I hear him yell... " what about a ghetto blaster???" to which I answered that i was pretty sure they were the same thing. tHen just as I thought our conversation about 80's technology was completed he yells up "Walkman??? "

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