Friday, March 19, 2010

I'd Rather not say...

This is my cousin's favourite school story I told her last year.

So I had to send a kid out of class one day and before I could get to talk to him in the hall the principal was knocking at the classroom door.

Principal: "I think (little boy's name) is ready to behave in class now"

Little boy: Nods his head with a sad face on

Me: "And I hope your going to use appropriate language in class as well?"

Principal: "Oh.....well i hope so" (Looks at boy)

Boy: nods and is sent back to his seat

Principal: "So, what exactly did he say"

Me: "I'd rather not say"

-Principal brings me into the hall -

Principal: "So what did he say?"

Me: "I'd kind of rather not say..... "

Principal: " No, go ahead"

This is where I don't remember if I could look the principal in the eyes or not......

Me: "Kiss my Asian balls"

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